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MG2 Rapid Fire

Immagine e descrizione


With this fully compliant ISSF version the MG2R is specifically designed for the Rapid Fire match shooters who need no longer regret the passing of now superseded 22 short cartridge as it embodies all Cesare Morini's 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of high performance rapid fire pistols.  The overhead pivoted hammer, the relationship between the centerline of the barrel relative to the axis of the shooters arm are all combined in the Rapid Fire version which also adopts a lightened bolt plus a front counterweight incorporating four calibrated recoil dampening pistons the outcome of which is minimised lateral and vertical movements enabling rapid sight recovery.  This pistol is manufactured with the most modern techniques using carefully selected raw materials and is professionally assembled in a clean room environment ensuring maximum consistency of operation and accuracy.  The barrel is of maximum allowable length and each are selected and machine rest tested to ensure optimal accuracy.  All of the MG2R characteristics including its ability to be individually customized to each individual shooters preferences results in providing a shooting instrument for the demanding rapid fire event that is the most stable target pistol on the market today. 
Technical data: 



Anatomical walnut, designed and carried out by Cesare Morini, fully adjustable in all directions to suit all needs. Sizes from XS to XL right and lefthanded.



Tacca di mira regolabile micrometricamente in alzo e brandeggio finestra tacca regolabile (2.5 - 5.0 mm) in larghezza e profondità mirino intercambiabile. lunghezza linea di mira: 219 mm


Fully adjustable trigger length. Adjustable trigger pull weight and easy distribution of weights. Dead travel: 500 - 1000g. Release force: 600 - 80 g.



Eseguiti in diverse grammature per una perfetta customizzazione


La pistola è dotata di sicura con posizione per effettuare il tiro a secco



Lunghezza: 280-300 mm secondo impugnatura - altezza: 140 mm - spessore: 50 mm - canna: 152 mm - peso: 970 g - 1.160 g


5 per caricatore



22" L.R.


Valigia in ABS, caricatore di scorta, set di chiavi per smontaggio e regolazioni, kit per pulizia canna, manuale di istruzioni.