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Tailored gun grip

Everyone recognises the enormous importance of the grip in shooting sports. Some people believe that it influences the final result by as much as 40%. Nevertheless it goes without saying that the more the gun becomes a natural extension of the shooter's arm the more stable it will remain during aiming and shooting, and the more natural the grip the easier the aiming process with a sight notch will be - perfect, immediate aim, almost automatic. The range of standard grips provided by Matchguns srl is very wide and manages to satisfy most anatomical requirements and as if this wasn't enough, for demanding top-level shooters Matchguns srl, thanks to Cesare Morini's many years of experience, is able to provide customised grips. This is another service that Matchguns provides its clientele. For perfect results you obviously have to visit our premises in Vigatto close to Parma. After closely studying the customer's hand and grip, by using a special paste we can obtain a perfect mould of the hand, also managing to correct anatomical errors in the process, all under the watchful supervision of Cesare Morini.

In the event that the customer is unable to come to our premises, we are still able to produce a grip (only for Matchguns pistols) that is similar to that produced using the mould of the shooter's hand, albeit without the same degree of perfection. With the relevant form and an image including all the measurements of the hand, Cesare Morini is also able to produce an excellent quality grip from a distance.