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MG4 Center Fire

Immagine e descrizione

The range of Match Guns target pistols is the most complete in the world and includes the respected model MG4 which is a purpose designed 0.32 S&W Long semi-automatic target pistol.  Incorporating the latest technology and constructed to extremely tight tolerances the MG4 was designed and developed entirely by Cesare Morini and is widely regarded as the most innovative and technically advanced sport pistol in the world.  The unique design has in fact achieved a reduction in recoil of up to 50% without the compromising by the other manufacturers necessity to use heavy counterweights.  This target grade sport pistol is extremely compact, has the combustion chamber ideally positioned just 60 mm from the point of support of the shooters hand and a reload cycle that minimises unwanted lateral and vertical movements that effect sight alignment.  Despite its compact size it is fitted with a full 152 mm target grade barrel to ensure optimal accuracy.  The use of the anatomically ideal grip (interchangeable with the model MG2 series) which envelopes the entire length of the palm of the shooters hand and are now available in all sizes for both right and left handedshooters.  The MG4 sport pistol can be supplied fitted with either a steel, or alternatively, an optional aluminum front counterweight allowing the user to achieve the perfect balance characteristics best suited for their individualrequirements.  

Technische Daten: 




Anatomical walnut, designed and carried out by Cesare Morini, fully adjustable in all directions to suit all needs. Sizes from XS to XL right and lefthanded.




Fully adjustable rear sight, adjustable sight blade (2,5 - 5,0 mm) interchangeable front sight, sighting line:219 mm.



Fully adjustable trigger length. Adjustable trigger pull weight and easy distribution of weights. Dead travel: 400 - 900g. Release force: 700 - 200 g. 



Made of steel and completely adjustable for a perfect balance. 



The pistol is equipped with a safety pin and a dry fire mechanism. 




Length: 280-300 mm (depends on the grip) - Height: 140 mm - Width: 50 mm - Barrel length: 152 mm - Weight: da 950 g - 1.220 g



5 per magazine



32" S & W Long WC



ABS case, spare magazine, set of keys, barrel cleaning kit, instructions book with group test.